New World Gold Farms: With these 4 tricks you earn the fastest taler

Gold plays an important role in INNER WORLD. This pays your homes and taxes, you can buy items from the auction house and pays your fees for crafting. But how do you really earn the Tales in the new MMO quickly? We from Mango tell you in our Gold Farm guide to New World.

How do you earn gold in New World? Basically your gold gets for almost all activities:

Quests City projects Loot of monsters Sale of objects or crafting materials to other players

However, there are also some tricks to earn more quickly. 4 We would like to introduce you to these tips in this guide.

This article originally appeared on October 1st and was last extended on 9 November by a new tip.

Trick 1: Earn money on fraction missions

What is this for a method? The faction missions have two interesting methods to reward you with gold:

On the one hand, you will receive bonus-taler for the first 3 missions, which makes the missions interesting in the endgame. On the other hand, your faction brands will be obtained. About these group marks you can buy the Rune of Holding.

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The Rune is available in different stages and for a different number of brands. However, they all bring in a lot of money in the trading post, as the Rune is needed to make new pockets. And every player needs more pockets.

How much can you earn? Basically, the low Rune of holding 1,000 brands will cost you (about 3 to 4 missions) and 250 tales. The price in the trading item varies according to server and settlement. Currently, the Rune brings between 280 and 350 tales and thus significantly more than their costs.

With the higher call stages in your group, there are higher runes of holding. Then bring more money again.

Depending on the server, you should also look at whether it is worth selling the Rune directly or to produce a bag and then to offer them in the trading post.

Trick 2: Keep sideline quests

What is this for a method? It sounds very trivial, but all side quests do in the game. The rewards you, unlike city quests and group missions, with proper gold.

How much can you earn there? That depends on entirely from the quest. But even low-level side quests usually give between 100 and 300 tales. Those who are traveling quickly can earn a lot of talers.

However, many quests are only lockable once, which reduces your income in the endgame. But there is then the endgame content. However, especially with the expeditions, repeatable quests that — with the right group — may even be worthwhile to farm.

Trick 3: Outlook tower, wars and invasions play

What is this for a method? In this method, you take the end game content outer-ostenstrum (Level 60), invasions (Level 60) and the wars (here is your luck to be taken to be taken). This content rewards you with many tales, even if you lose.

How much can you earn there? That depends on the mode:

In the outdoor post tower, her gold gets dependent on victory or defeat, as well as your personal placement on the leaderboard. Even with a defeat you can come to 200 to 350 tales for a round, the maximum at a victory lies in the range of 300 to 500 tales. In wars, you get up to 720 tales when your level is 60, and as a loser around the 400 tale. In invasions you get as a winner 720. There is a defeat 480 tales.

Trick 4: Sell in the trading post, but in the right place

What is this for a method? This is about selling your materials into the right trading post. Here are two things to consider:

Each settlement has an independent auction house. What there is in one city in abundance can be sown in the other rare and therefore be expensive. The second aspect is the so-called trading tax. This is the value of tales who have to put them to the owner of a settlement in the sale of objects. This value can be determined by the company, which controls the respective settlement.

How much can you earn there? This is very different and depends on the respective servers, your equipment and of course the owners of the settlement.

If you look at taxes, you can save values ​​between 1% and 10% of the value of your goods sold. Anyone who wants to earn his gold about trading should always keep in mind all settlements.

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