New World disables trade between players - item

Inner World allows players just no longer trade or use the trading item. The reason for this is an item dupe, so a bug, through the player s items can multiply. How long the contents remain disabled is not yet known.

What has everything disabled? The developers today published a forum post in which they have announced the deactivations of all asset transfers.

This is about sending gold, trade between players directly, the deposit in the guild case, but also the use of the trading post.

This content is deactivated until the Item Dupe has been resolved. When exactly that happens, is still unclear. Well possible that the content comes back only with the upcoming patch 1.0.6.

How the TRADING POST works in New World

Community Manager Touch a contribution to the topic written and punishments announced for the players who exploit the error:

We are aware of a potential duplication exploits spread in the forums and social media. While we examine exploit, we temporarily disabled all forms of asset transfers between players (e.g., sending currencies, guild funds, trading items, player-to-players trading). Each player involved in the use of these exploits will be punished accordingly.

As soon as the duplication exploit was examined, and we are ready to re-enable the asset transfer, we will update this post.

Thank you for your understanding.

Via New World Forum

What was that exactly for an item Dupe? In this Item Dupe, specifically objects were doubled at the Housing. For this they were simply pulled by a few tricks through the area. In the end one had two items of this kind in the inventory.

The bug should have been quite simple and easy to exploit. However, this already existed a few days, until Amazon now reacts and forbidden the trade.

is the first bug of this kind? No, before there was an item dupe and even a gold duty created by the transfer between the servers.

So far, the penalties for players who have exploited such a bug also fell quite low. Only rarely there were permanent blockages. There is criticism from the community. A user in the forum even claimed that only the stupid cheaters have been caught up and not those who wash their gold properly:

New World Beans Gold Cheater Permanent, but apparently just the stupid


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