New leak suggests Resident Evil 4 virtual reality will certainly secure free Mercenaries DLC next year

Warning: Can only find less than 5000 personalities

Resident Evil 4 VR Hands-On Preview It looks like fan-favorite Mercenaries mode is involving Resident Evil 4 VIRTUAL REALITY.

Though not formally confirmed by Cap com-- as a matter of fact, theres been no official reference of Mercenaries in any way at this moment-- Biohazard Cast (many thanks, Uploader ) identified a teaser advertising that the brand-new mode is coming to the Oculus Quest 2 special VR port next year.

The video has-- normally-- now been unlisted and after that quickly readied to private, however not before Resident Evil YouTube website Biohazard Declassified grabbed it, downloaded it, and also re-uploaded it for our watching enjoyment. Dive to 0.21 in the teaser listed below as well as youll see: The Mercenaries — Getting here in 2022, underneath which reads: Free updates on Meta Quest 2 :

It ought to be wonderful news for Resident Evil 4 fans who were extremely much sensation Mercenaries absence because the zombie shooter went down last month. Best of all, if the leakage is certainly exact, it looks as though the setting will certainly be released as a totally free update for all Resident Evil 4 VR gamers.

Since Ive played with Resident Evil 4 in VR, Im hosting likely to do it again on specialist setting. Then Ill do it again. After that perhaps Ill do it once more with simply the knife, Hope wrote in the Oculus Quest+ Resident Evil 4 VR evaluation.

No matter of whether this will certainly be your 10th or 100th play through of Resident Evil 4, Armature Studio has actually in some way completed the impossible by making Resident Evil 4 really feel fresh once again. The only obstacle to more people playing this is the Quest 2s cost tag, particularly if Rest 4 is the only video game that currently attract you. As The Merchant might say: not just will you need cash, but youll require digestive tracts to go down over ₤ 300 on that particular experience.

Did you know that Leon Kennedy can currently possess two guns simultaneously in Resident Evil 4 VR ? Its real; Kennedy can now switch over in between weapons, so smoothly they could be oiled up with butter, apparently with no hold-up whatsoever.


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