Justa 2021, Vaccine Complete, Odded Voice Confirmation

Should COVID-19 vaccinations be mandatory? | 60 Minutes Australia [Eye News 24 Park Ye Jing Jingling Reporter] The coming from Vesta 2021, which will be held on the 17th, is committed to the vaccination complete or PCR voice confirmation.

The Vesta Organizing Committee (chairman King Shin-cheol, the Organization Committee) announced on the 11th that the vaccination completion or gene amplification test (PCR) voice identifier was allowed to be observed for adults and minors.

As a result, the Organization will be determined by the recommendation, with the recommendation of additional protection, along with the recommendation of the adolescent age group, such as the percentage of the adolescent age, such as the confirmed ratio of 24%, I said.

As a result, the vaccination completion (14 days elapsed), which was applied only to the patented for the first adult (only 18 years old), or the PCR voice identifier (48 hours of testing), The questions are applied to minors equally to minors.

The organization decided to further strengthen the online broadcasting of the originally planned online broadcasting, depending on the introduction of additional pre-class, depending on the introduction of additional district policies.

Meanwhile, Gustav 2021 will be held in Susan Sacco for a total of 5 days to Public Day, which can only be visited through online pre-booking as the Business & Media Day, which is only on the 17th to the invitation.


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