In New World guilds can just prevent wars by simply changing their name

Inner World is a new, curious bug that can prevent the launch of wars around territories. For this, the guild, which is attacked, only change their name.

What is this for a bug? To attack an area in New World, the attacking faction must explain the war. However, she can only, if she has sufficiently influenced in the area.

There are influences through PVP missions in the area. On the map, the players can see how much influence the respective faction has. If a hostile fraction reaches 100%, then the war can be explained.

However, it just comes to a curious bug: when a company changes its name, it can happen that the influence of attackers is reset to 0%. That should probably not always work, but companies can change the name at any time and without cost and try it until it succeeds.

So guilds that wanted to take advantage of the bug can permanently prevent a declaration of war. This is especially crazy because guilds have a fixed one ID. So it does not have to be looked at the name.

In addition, the wars are an essential part of the end games, which is currently not working properly.

Big patch 1.1 brings many improvements, but also new bugs

How did the bug came into play? The bug appeared after the release of Update 1.1. That was the first big patch in New World, which was released on 18 November.

The patch brought useful changes such as the new weapon of ominous gauntlets, new opponents, new quests and the linked trading posts, but also some bugs.

In addition to the problems with the wars, players also report that they lost their harvesting equipment. Several players are affected by this bug. Also, from a new item dupe is the speech.

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When are the bugs fixed? That is not yet fixed. However, today, on November 19, a new server will come to a new server. At about 12 oclock maintenance work is started, which should last about 2.5 hours.

No patch should be played up with this maintenance, so it is likely that bug fixes are in focus. Good possible that even the bug with the wars is already fixed.

In general, there were more changes with patch 1.1, as presented in the official patch notes. We have collected the hidden adjustments for you:

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