[Gesta 2021] Block chain game that is not fraudulent?

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The 18th Conference of the G-Star headliner was representative Remade gimseokhwan tree.

Kim will then Speaker said the success of todays background blocks chain MMORPG . He heard the phrase a thousand times closer, not this game Block Chaining buying?, Was ready to answer for it in this lecture. And today the head of the most important topics of NFT games, block games chain practice leader Officer wonder what you think?

Lets just met.

Sikilkka how combining the blockchains play a game with you?

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The second half of 2017, IT companies, as well as many companies are packing block chaining the team put forward the days of the business. Remade mix was also spurred on the blockchain business. For 2018, however, he gave up a number of companies that Bitcoin ticker shake Manager New Business research and development, came up in 2019 and 2020 the so-called crypto-Winter (recession came in full cryptocurrency). Gimseokhwan representatives beotyeoseo to kkutkkut this time recalled there was now able to seize opportunities.

It is by far the financial sector, the blockchain received the most attention initially. The password is listed currency, the transaction is made billionaires as well woman lets firstborn was born to be interested in starting in the financial markets. At that time, Bitcoin is going to be a common form of payment was a major debate streets.

Opponents argue would have a story called 15 minutes to conform a block or geolrineunde, Kenya wait for the time to pay a cup of coffee. In the other corner was a privacy advocate sovereignty, were comments such as suggesting that allows the owner to control your personal medical information with a sovereign.

Gimseokhwan representatives are worried how the blockchain fields incorporating similar leave the game. Although we live in one minute one second kyeonotgo the bank application, the game is different. Made every day, repeatedly invest time and get a sense of accomplishment as a reward for him, and it was game consumed him understand that it is connected to the fun itself. When I saw the Remade, areas of the game is that in the first place were the room blockchain used.

Of course presenters look still block the chain is placed into its own processing time compared to the server, the client directly handling should be noted that this inefficient aspects. Which would have utility in a unique value to the data provided by the new technologies that ensure the chain block occurs, the task of Remade tree was to organically connected to this game.

Are you also interested in topics related to Block Chain Games?

Kim predicts that this game would be to build a sustainable ecosystem to be well-connected to the blockchain from the industrial side. At the time of the Solarium games such as Ethernet that supports the chain block the release of the game was a successful operation. However, the core content of the game, that did not work was the daily experience of the user closely with the transition of the blockchain had a regret. For example, it is how closely do the correlation between the key game play and blockchain.

Here yen caught up with two problems.

First TPS. Ether of Solarium TPS was slower rate between 15-20 prohibitive compared to the existing service. Dwaetneunde item drops from the field of MMORPG will encounter a situation that could have to wait at least 15 seconds. Officer to be paid game items to 150 people in this information may result in the processing time of moisture. Remade tree in this way was determined that we can not be the core of the game system connected to the blockchain.

Second, the transition of blood. Transfer fee Solarium Ethernet network is a simple transfer also never cheaper one thousand won several levels. If the 100,000 won will be paid to the 100 people who had to endure a considerable fee bleeding. Kim is in this kind of service is analyzed that could connect the intrinsic experience of the game and the blockchain.

So did the hybrid chain

Remade tree and build a mix up the chain hybrid structure in order to solve this problem. To connect a plurality of the chain to the bridge.

As an example of , heukcheol-Draco-construct a three-stage structure of the above mix transition is nopyeotdeon the TPS efficiency to be processed by the service server side. As a result Remade tree has secured the 5000 level of TPS in 3000. This would therefore also decrease blood pressure on a transition could create a framework to provide services to the company wooden Block Chaining game.

Kim was confident that can be extended indefinitely because the expansion in the future mix up the game also increased subject to the chain, the chain mouth yeoryeol structure.

For example, the past There are days when fashion that you want to hatch a cat and trading crowd had accentuated the opening that the Ethernet Leeum main network attack going on. However, is that if you build a hybrid chain due to the game to prevent a situation in which the blockchain attack in advance. Description of the game transitions that Kim is processed in the game, and the data and the movement of assets, while flexible working has some aspects of today.

Thus, has become an MMORPG blockchain does not have a load only concurrent users 130 people gathered. The deal was reduced stress on the transfer of assets is easier than jyeotdago Kim talks. Mix the above platforms jungyimyeo three tokens used, are each run by a different economic system.

Four games Remade is why the chain block?

This is what Remade, token economy oriented to the above mix Remade Tree seek.

Gimseokhwan representative had earlier opposed the objection that while preparing the blockchain game Chinall be creating garbage token naejineun China going to hunting. Kim has had this very painful time, he recalled that Manhattan divide investment and a lot of talk for a long time to prove that is not the hantangjuui.

Also, Kim emphasized naseotdago to make a present to enjoy the benefits as well with the existence Remade that tree through the token economy four times the game the user is called.

Today Remade tree can also operate NFT market and auction services. If you apply them in the game, the user would have a compound eye of these that guarantee recurring transaction costs, faster processing speeds and lower content connected to the chain used to block every day and be highly respectful, unlike the status of the user before. Remade tree, and it continues to expand and recruit partners are more games in the above mix Economy. This is interpreted as a mix up reserve currency loans.

Remade are currently penalized Block Chaining game of four species ( ) being the service without technical problems. Another short term , , is developing and , .

Then Kim pointed out the phenomenon NFT is used as a sort of magic words. NFT is can encompass both substitutable and irreplaceable NFT cryptocurrency a token that is not an alternative, Economy, which Remade seek. NFT has only just been engraved serial number, it has a unique value to each other every NFT will vary each appearance.

Through the NFT to ensure the ownership of the user, and a promise that you can move inside their ecosystem goods derived from A game with a real B game. Kim has Remade expected assuming go ahead in the blockchain platform, the call can also change to a neoplasm? Its to enhance the value of the company as well as industry and technology.

NFT introduction quiet comfortable developer?

Kim argues that the introduction of the NFT more games better in terms of development.

All developers to return the weekends and evenings when the game releases and the transition has naedalrineun crunch mode for launching. If its not whether developers can rest that the game is released. Because not even keep up with the consumption rate of the user have the awesome content. Users are more than hotfix level requirements. Come out of the operator is also faced with tremendous pressure.

Developers are forced out of the game at the end of calendar will also be environment without rest. Launching a slowing delayed if also updated, in one project team is logo the update schedule, the gap to the team implementing the initiative of the organizers is becoming increasingly distant, which is a problem in the pipeline to create quality content production occurs do. If you can even smoke before launching, but if you start the rice already constantly equalize the balance of the game operators.

It is not an easy decision racking game of the core system. Therefore, there are games that do not even live in tragic circumstances meets the users dedicated gaming ecosystem is repeated in Korea Kim confessed.

If you combine the blockchain technology in the game can appreciate the usefulness of the assets acquired from the A game. If traditional methods of putting the parts in the top tier of the equipment or pets, and to update the formula to strengthen and feed the experience. If that applies to this item NFT while preserving the value of the output planners and developers to the new ideas without constraints in a more comfortable environment, constant Kim explains. A game in the pet to obtain said that in such a race in the B game.

Gimseokhwan representatives were expected to be able to offer much new opportunities and other production and service methodology creating new games. He jeonhaetgo these claims to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Game Rating Board actually heard an answer that makes sense, yet lamented that the situation standstill.

Have to worry if you are not moving the capital logic blockchain technology in practical terms to get any change in the gaming industry, and probably will not antenna the excessive regulatory system in terms of the various attempts to come to the industry development.

Upward global package can never release

Kim told jungyirago is only once the number of users continues to increase without kkeokyiji after launch. Most of the mobile game market point vertices, but it is a familiar indicator of gaming services that would seem to rise by the indicator is slow if the global prepare an inflection point each was a look whilst of another downturn continue upward and for that it.

However, he was confident that he did not release only one package in the Global Mir 4. If you are an existing game service, you will learn the goods from the beginners package, and you gate you to use the startup costs from millions of won to the number of starting costs, while the time is to launch the upper package. I make it, but Global is not that.

Kim said, I am a little bad, I am a foolish act, and I pointed out that a user direct behavior such as bus protests has been born. He has a clear growth that grows with a different indicator, and it is a great place to draw a bigger growth.

According to his remarks, we are already building a small ecosystem, centered on TRACK, and will also release the exchanges of Drake Game Item. If these models are applied to other games, they will be able to decide what the company will do with the token issued by the game, without interfering with the Memoir (Tree).

What will you do in the future?

Kim said he said that 90% of the blockchain is eliminated from the entry wall. Therefore, it was not possible to establish a proper marketing strategy, but the MADRID blocking game is a relatively easy entry because it is in a situation where the installation process of JSON is excluded from any other.Jason installation process from installation to execution.

He said that the fashion of NFT is the Lord side, but it continues to be operating the auction. The shift-up Kim Hyung TAE, the MBC, New Sites, and collaboration, and will open various an auction in the future. Kim said, unlike other tokens in the game, unlike other tokens, the game NFT transactions would grow faster than the game NFT transactions, because they can demonstrate functional value and useless within the actual game.

In this place, Kim said the first NFT Virtual Gallery was released. He was in that he was in that he had no space to proud of his consumption among collectors. He can be seen as an idea that I will show NFT in a wider space that could only be seen in the personal wallet.

Furthermore, he also predicted that he constructed the Death Centralization Financial Platform in the Mix Economy and the individual games would be able to revenue into the token. As a company listed on the exchange, the game may be a kind of individual game IPO, which is listed on the Memoir platform.

Finally, Kim Seung-hwan would have been looking at the project that the business that they are in love would not end up with fraud, and proposed interest and collaboration for new ecosystem organizations in the game industry.


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