Gameville, Gamp, a new version of the new version,

Recently, Gatesville has preached a leap to a professional platform, a blockchain with a mission change to Com2us Holdings. Gatesville announced in detail on business change strategies through conference calls on the 10-day earnings announcement.

First, Gatesville is scheduled to be a blockchain, a blockchain, which is a blockchain in hive, a professional platform, and is scheduled to issue its own token (tentative C2X) in the first half of next year. We plan to promote global game developers and Open Platform Alliance by developing hive as a blockchain game platform with more than 100 million active users around the world.

The blocks that are optimized for ecosystems, which are self-blocked, are also sequentially presented. It plans to launch project MR (tentative project MR (rentals), which is a casual game capability, which is new in the first quarter of next year. Among them, Croft fouls: AFL raid is an NFT optimized P2E game, collecting NFT equipment generated by combinations and utilizing them to target monsters. It is characterized that you can trade a character that has grown directly with directly. Gatesville s representative IP Games Bill Pro Baseball will also be released on the global market next year by combining NFT in the blockchain technology.

In addition to the game, various content businesses will be expanded. We are working with the Teratoma Lamps, which is a local professional virtual asset exchange, which is a specialized Virtual Assets Exchange, and will cooperate with the Teratoma Ramps, Mi Music Taste, which will spread K Pop Overseas Business, and will open the NFT exchange in 1Q next year. K Pop Artists performances, pictorials, and fan art, as well as the drama, movies, and games such as Com2us and Wait Studio, and the NFT transaction area will be further expanded.

Experts Talk: Using Pharmaceutical ALM for GAMP 5 Compliance It is noted that the game bill, which has declared a comprehensive content and platform corporate vision with a blockchain, with a mission change, can quickly enlarge the influence in the new business area.


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