Gameville, Artificial Ecosystem '

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] A specialized enterprise with a key technology capability of the game Bill is a blockchain, and the game manufacturing division is also responsible for building the ecosystem, such as reorganizing the game production division to a designed organization.

Natural vs Artificial ecosystems - WELS (Waterpedia Environmental Learning Series) Gatesville (representative use) announced on the 24th that they have acquired 'Jonah', a virtual asset platform, acquiring 'January', and the development department. These people have a competition experience in the blockchain, and it is a company-side description that has proven developmental power in related fields, such as developing a block-based reward system of digital advertising.

Gatesville is a blockchain technology know-how to create a Block-based advertising solution in a 'hive' that completes the NFT exchange electronic wallet and smart controlled technology and evolve into a blockchain. Is expected.

An organizational reorganization for an ecosystem that is a unique global block body was also conducted. The game production headquarters reorganized into an organization that has been optimized for the ecosystem composition, which is a blockchain. In addition to the production room to build a blockchain game and token system (C2X), the Economic Office has been established. The department will be responsible for designing and retaining the economy, which is a blockchain, and shall be responsible for the core of ecosystems, which are continuously grown and shared with users.

Hive, which is a global block-based Open Platform, has been changed to a platform that enhances the game development environment, and supports a convenient NFT trading environment through a high degree of global game companies.

The company's game Bill Corporation is achieved by the sector, and the development organization, which is specialized in the field, is organized to build the NFT exchange to build the NFT exchange. Gatesville's NFT exchange is opened in the first quarter of next year, including the transaction infrastructure and pictorials and pictorials of K Pop Artists, including the trading infrastructure for the P2E game. We plan to expand.

From the first quarter of next year, we apply a hive SDK to the blockchain games to launch them in the global market. Gatesville's own collected RPG 'Chromatic Focuses: AFK Raid' is in preparation at least 10 kinds of games starting. In particular, the Global Hit IP of Com2u's Global Heat IP is a policy that launches MMORPG 'Summer Mourner: Chronicle' on a blockchain.


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