Free Roblox Codes for December 2021: All Free Promocode

December arrives, Christmas and a sack of surprises for all the hand of the Roblox codes with gifts and free objects such as ROUX codes or promotes with clothes, pets and accessories for games As Adopt Me!.

Below you have all the ROBLOX promotion codes that you can redeem from the ROBLOX promotions page in December 2021. Attentive to the new codes that can be published thanks to events and draws of ROBLOX.

ROBLOX codes (December 2021)

Carrefourhoed2021 — Pasta has Amazonfriend2021 Snowmobile targetminthat2021 peppermint hat SMYTHSCAT2021 King Tab Hat KrogerDays2021 Golf Glasses 100milsecutors Celebration Backpack Walmartmexears2021 : Rabbit Ears ROBLOXEDU2021 : keyboard Spider cola : spider TWEETROBLOX : bird

Next, we also leave you the gifts you can get free from the ROBLOX store:

Halloween cat. Halloween backpack

In addition to weekly codes there are also different events in which you can get special gifts:

IRELAND: Hat and backpack Wonder Woman: The TheMyscira Experience: Cosmetics Ready Player Two: T-Shirt NFL: helmet Bakunin: mascot Drag. Lobe Mystery Box Hunt: Avatar Kid Ezra. Lobe Bump World: Swords, wings and more. Twenty One Pilots: Flag and jacket (free in the store).

You can also get nerf products if you enter the NERF HUB and the claims. They are two hats with the classic darts that you can win on the machine to catch gifts with the hook and in the shooting challenge.

The codes you will find below are for the ISLAND OF MOVE game and must be exchanged there.

Strikeapose : Hat SettingTheStage : Backpack DIY : glass wand Worldline : Glass mascot get moving : Glasses Victory : Headphones

The codes you will find below are for the LEGENDS OF SPEED game and must be redeemed there.

Speedchampion000: 5,000 gems Racera300: 300 Steps Sprint250: 250 Steps Hyper250: 250 Steps Legends500: 500 gems Sparkles300: 300 gems Launch200: 200 gems

The codes you will find below are for the BUILD IT game, Play It: Mansion of Wonder and must be exchanged there.

ThingsGoboom wand Particleboard Mantra Artist Accessory Boardwalk Wand

Remember Stay tuned to avoid running out the prizes because they disappear past a while, and you can lose the opportunity to exchange them. We will be informed as you show up new codes or expire those on the list.

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