FC Bayern: Friedrich Merz calls for game ban for Joshua Kimmich and Co.

Friedrich Merz, who applies to the post of the CDU chairman, has demanded a professional ban for Joshua Gimmick from FC Bayern and other unvaccinated football stars.

You can tell him: There are two ways. Either you lets you vaccinate — then you play. Or you do not imagine you — then you do not play, he said in the IDF talk show of Markus Land. What football players afford is unacceptable.

This country, so Mere on, must now be consistent at some point. Non-vaccinated one must say, Okay, but then you do not take part here on public life.

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Germany is in a situation, where this country is taken in hostility of vaccine gusts and Corona deniers, he stressed.

Mere admitted: I certainly belong to those who underestimated the development of the Corona situation. I would have wished otherwise.

Strict 2G demand from Friedrich Merz

Compared to the Editorial Network Germany, Mere continued to talk in his demands and brought a comprehensive 2G requirement in Germany.

With a consistent 2G regulation, access to the operation and the workstation would only be possible for vaccinated and genesis — with all consequences, the 66-year-old outlined. No Bavaria more in the office, no invigorated football player More on the lawn, no unclear Member More in the Bundestag, no Unchanged student more in the lecture hall.

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However, Mere did not confess to a general indistinctness. I am to make state orders only if you can prevail, explains the sour land. He was not basically against it, however, won on implementation difficulties, so Mere. The introduction would take a long time, possibly up to a decision of the Federal Constitutional Court, warned the CDU politician.


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