Exactly how To Open The Roost Coffee Shop And Also Find Brewster In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We initially thought Animal Crossing: New Horizons next update would focus exclusively around the return of The Roost, the cafe seen in previous games in the collection. Instead, the 2.0 update is rupturing at the seams with brand-new enhancements, but The Roost is nevertheless one of the essential facets of it. This coffee bar will not instantly be included to your island after mounting the brand-new upgrade, nevertheless, and obtaining it established will entail seeking Brewster, who will handle the brand-new cafe area once it s open. Here s where to find Brewster and also just how to get the round rolling on The Roost.

Where to find Brewster

Whereas you look out to some of the other new additions in this update by Isabelle, such as statutes, there s no reference of The Roost To get going, head to the museum, where The Roost will at some point be situated, and also talk to Blathers. He ll say he has been thinking regarding opening a cafe however that doing so will require the existence of Brewster, the pigeon that has operated The Roost in the past. Blathers points out gyroids-- one more returning aspect included in this upgrade-- and exactly how Brewster is a huge enthusiast of them. He offers you a picture of Brewster and also jobs you with tracking him down.

How To Unlock Brewster & The Roost SECRETS! Animal Crossing 2.0 Update

This leads you to yet another element of previous Pet Crossing games that s now been offered New Horizons: island boat excursions with Kapp n. Head to the dock on your beach and you ll find Kapp n socializing on his boat. Talk to him to learn more about just how he can take you to an enigma island, as well as then pay him 1,000 Space Miles to make the trip. Note that you can only make one of these trips with Kapp n each day.

Kapp n will treat you to a sea shanty on the way (you can slap together with the A button), and when you get here, you can navigate the island equally as with airport scenic tours. Stray around and you should find Brewster as soon as possible-- in our screening, he constantly appears throughout this initial island journey.

Chat with him and also allow him recognize that Blathers sent you to discover him, and he ll quickly consent to involve your island. (It s so quick, in reality, that you may believe you missed a step, but he obviously doesn t take a great deal of convincing.) He ll give you a gyroid fragment and inform you to hide it on your island, water it, as well as wait a day, but that s a separate process to opening the coffee shop, so feel free to leave the island at this moment. That claimed, you ought to take advantage of your trip, so see to it to strike any rocks with your shovel as well as collect any type of fossil splits you see, as those can have added Gyroid fragments.

Exactly how to construct The Roost.

Once you re back on your island, go back to the museum and also let Chatters understand the good news. He ll discuss requiring to obtain building and construction started, which will certainly involve closing the museum the next day. That indicates it ll be two days prior to The Roost opens when you first complete this procedure, so you need to make certain to do this as soon as possible.

With the update having only simply released, we re still waiting to see what The Roost requires. We know it ll be situated up the stairways of the gallery and also to the left of the art area, which you can go there to have a mug of coffee, Isabelle can go to, and also characters can be welcomed with Amiibo numbers or cards. Other players can join you for a mug of joe, also. We ll report back with more details as we discover it. For even more, make sure to look into our guide on the new ladder set up sets that allow you erect permanent ladders on your island.


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