CSGO: These are the eight teams that will play the World Finals of Blast in December

At the day of November 26, BLAST Premier: Fall Final confirmed the last member of the Final World December. The Counter-Strike circuit will close with a gold clasp with a 2021 that ended with the era of astral is in the Major, premiering NATU Sincere for the first time.

In addition to the tournaments of ESL and other organizers, BLAST has its own global competition at the end of the season. Take into account the results of ESL Pro League, the Major de Valve and, obviously, the own. Although it is not a massive event, as others are others from the same scene: only eight squads will travel through the glory and a portion of the 1 MDD in award.

BLAST Premier Fall Final, Day 3: FaZe vs. BIG, Team Liquid vs. NIP, Astralis vs. Winner of FaZe/BIG

While we know the format and dates, there is still no location for the contest. The pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) does not allow mass meetings to be done in many countries, but Blast managed so that the Fall Falls had the Royal Arena of Copenhagen, Denmark.

At the time of publishing the note, we know that The final World will take place from December 14 to 19. The format of the eliminations is double removal for the best of three maps, including the great ending. There are still no details about the distribution of the parties, but we do have the confirmed list of the eight squads. We share it right away.

Of all those present, the surprise is Team Liquid. The North America's horse is not at its best, in terms of atmosphere. There was already a renewal that could have the return of Nicholas Nitr0 Capella, so seeing the current template in eliminations is, at least, interesting for all the spectators. In parallel, Ninjas in Pajamas did not have the best competitions recently, leaving outside the best of Stockholm and falling to Team Liquid in the Final Falls. Having a good demonstration in the final world would help remedy bad drinks.

The finalists of Stockholm will also play in December. If everything is aligned, NATU Sincere and G2 Esports will play a rematch very soon. Team Vitality is still on the way to greatness, with a team that will soon receive changes, according to rumors.


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