CSGO: Copenhagen Flames would have a price for your team

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The Danish Organization Copenhagen Flames I would be looking for buyers for your Counter-Strike squad: Global Offensive. According to a report of Luís Look for Dexerto, a minimum of $ 500,000 USD is sought by the set that surprised at the best of Stockholm.

On previous dates to Major, it was reported that Copenhagen Flames was evaluating offers for the team as a result of interest in players. Daniel Vorbog, county, commented that he was not operating with greed. Rather, the club does not have the same resources as other equipment, specifically in terms of money.

Sources close to the situation reported that Copenhagen Flames is ready to listen offers between the range of $ 500,000 USD up to $ 750,000 USD by the squad. The news arrives just after the Danes occupy the 10th place in the HLTV table, setting it just below G2 Esports and Astralis.

At the time of publication of the note, none of the parties has commented on it. Copenhagen Flames still has commitments in Republicas Season 2 and ESEA Premier Season 39 Europe.

Heroic vs. Copenhagen Flames (Map 3 - Overpass) PGL Major Stockholm 2021 | CS:GO

Copenhagen Flames was close to getting into the Eliminatories of the Major de Cs: Go. It is one of the surprise teams, winning Astralis, Heroic and Faze Clan along the New Legends phase. In his last game, they fell by 3-1 against Ninjas in Pyjamas, who did not see it easy to continue in the competition. Copenhagen Flames kicked the table in Nuke, but the rest of the maps were for ninjas. Ancient came up to an extra time where the Danish flame became extinct.

A good part of Copenhagen Flames arrived in May as part of a renovation. Jakob Jabbi Nygaard and Nico Nicoodoz Tamjid welcomed Fredrik Roej Jørgensen, Rasmus Hoovy Nielsen (Captain) and Rasmus Zyphon Nordfoss. Faruk Pita Pit arrived on August 24 as coach.


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