Com2us, Derelesoft and NFT partnership partnership

Com2us said Daessoroft, a domestic promising game, participates in the ASCII (C2X Project (tentative 'C2X Project'), which is a block body being promoted by the Com2us group.

Both companies agreed to sign a strategic partnership for mutual development in the NFT, which has signed a business causticity (YOU) and to change the future world with core technologies to change the future.

First, Com2us plans to be a C2X (tentative) version of the C2X (tentative) version, which is a blockchain, which is a member of Deal Sax oft's representative 'Luke Online'. In October 2020, the launch of 'Life-enriching online' is the Representative RPG, which will grow and constantly expand the enemies that are constantly. Based on this Convention, Com2us is a blockchain game and technology advisory to developing NFT exchange and development of NFT exchange.


Derolesoft is a policy to cooperate for ecosystem composition, which is a C2x blockchain, and is a powerful block body, and cooperates with a C2x blockchain for games that are currently in the current service or future scheduled games.

Derolesoft has been showing a plurality of works, from mainstream games such as Hurricane online, 'Differential Girl', such as the game development Said Publisher. Com2u is a plan to expand the spectrum of the ecosystem, which is the Com2us block body through YOU with Daessoroft, and is a plan to strengthen competitiveness to future markets.

Currently, Com2us is expected to be released in 2022, Summer Noun: Chronicle and recent global publishing agreements, and the Colossus M Kingdom, which has been scheduled for a global publishing agreement, and has entered into a global P2E market.

Com2us official said, We will continue to build a strategic partnership with the various areas of various fields in the future, and to establish a strategic partnership with the various fields in the future, and to build an ecosystem that is a unique blockchain in the next generation game and content market.


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