COD Vanguard: 6 tips with which you are the zombie

Vanguard is not because so far no one parent Quest and the tasks are easy to understand: Granted, complicates the Zombie map is from Call of Duty. Therefore, we deal in this guide primarily with how to survive as long as possible.

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The right start arming

Because ye rise with internally generated loadouts, is the choice of starting weapon of immense importance. Shotguns were in Black Ops: Cold War is the most popular tool for Speed runner and high score hunters in Vanguard has it changed nothing. They share in a short distance neat and since their reload animation can interrupt, you can fend off the undead as soon as they move you to my body.

Our favorites: Both the combat Shotgun and the Grace Automatically combine high damage with a rich supply of ammunition. Papers should shorten to reload speed and increase the rate of fire. On your movement speed you need not pay attention, because the Portal tasks take place in very narrow areas. Maximum damage is much more important.

Combat Shotgun Grace Automatically


The Pack-A-Punch Machine the highest priority must enjoy!

Perks help at the beginning only slightly, but cost a lot of points. Put up your coal therefore prefer upgrades for your shotgun. The advantages of the type of weapon even more striking by the improvements; the damage short-range increases exorbitant, also more shots are loaded into the magazine with each cartridge, so you never run out of ammo in combat.

The cost the revaluations at Pack-A-Punch machine:

Step 1 7,500 points Level 2 15,000 points Level 3: 30,000 points

beats you in the first two rounds: For melee kills her get five extra points and also saves ammunition. In the first two rounds of her skin the undead with one or two blows to why the immediate melee is safe for you.

Plan your route

The first stage of each perk is free, so take this with absolutely should be located in the initial portal tasks of the extras in the level! In the Hub area we recommend quickly the Perk stations for increased health at the stairs to unlock increased critical damage on the first floor of the hotel, and reduced loading time in the remote cellars. The two other perks are more accessories.

Do you take a maximum upgraded shotgun in the hands should begin their order, hochzustufen the perks? Oriented you of the same order — your health stock, to reload speed and the critical damage are fundamentally important!

Looted after each round the Hub area off completely

This tip should actually be obvious. After each wave of new items appear on the snowy place. In crates resources and weapons are hidden, umgenietete Zombies have armor plates to fall. Stay tuned for the red crystals on the ground, these can include useful equipment. They are marked on the mini-map.

Does your artifact on the pacts from

The currently available packages that you receive in exchange for the heart, in perfect harmony with the antifreeze artifact can select it in your loadout. Weak First increases the damage when frozen enemies, Deadly Precise amplified sequence hits on the same target.

storm warriors, so you can tilt below: Enabled antifreeze just before a storm warrior and then keep with the shotgun at close on it. The combination of Weak First and Deadly Precise skin the giants within fractions of a second from the pines. Shoots her in the backpack of a storm warrior, this is even done more quickly — an explosion of ammunition in it and throws him to the afterlife.

The perfect secondary weapon

Basically, you have to invest any points in your secondary armament. Once the game gets harder, improve the drop chances for better weapons. So you get a good time legendary second weapon, which is outlined in red. Points you should still save in the event that you will have to buy more and depressed as a result all the perks of the stage. 4

The only exception: Do you find during the game an excellent backup weapon, such as the MG42 or a machine gun with a large supply of ammunition, you can this at the Pack-A-Punch machine improve. Light machine guns and submachine guns are ideal to hand out at a distance and to save shotgun ammunition.

Watch your armor

At the workbench, you should produce a protective armor and recharge rapidly. Saves your entire scrap for this, because the armor minimizes the incoming damage enormously! Repairs are also favorable, 250 scrap points are quickly collected. So much costs the armor: Level 1: 750 scrap Level 2: 1,500 scrap Level 3: 3,000 scrap Ignores the self-revival: Even if the item seems useful, it s rather left, as it also receives it regularly as a drop during the game. Invested from round ten rather monkey bombs. If you play in a team, you give you a little air with you as soon as a team member should go to the ground. Do you have tips in stock, with which the zombie mode becomes easier?


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