Caution! Many weapons attachments in Battlefield 2042 work differently than you think

Battlefield 2042 offers numerous weapon attachments for your ceiling. But some of them do not work as the description shows. Mango summarizes for you what some players have figured out.

How to work in Battlefield 2042: You can free up various essays in the game and then set up on the respective weapons.

They help you to adapt your creaking your needs for the respective situation. They are divided into four categories:


How to Use Attachments! How it Works! Battlefield 2042! Ammunition Underflow Run

You can equip a maximum of an attachment per category, some weapons do not offer slots for certain categories. Maximum you can equip an essay per category. In All-out Warfare, however, you can take further essays and simply adapt thanks to plus menu in the middle of the game.

You can also see certain values ​​such as direct, precision, handling and range. These are influenced positively or negatively by your essays. Here you will find a statement, what exactly you bring how you unlock them, and they are equipped.

But some players have figured out: in numerous weapons and essays, the actual effects differ from what the description and the value indicator actually reveals you. Reddit User Skada85 has illustrated this in one example:

Weapon attachments often have other effects as the description reveals

The players have discovered: In the video shown above, you can see how the player equipped a muzzle brake on the AK24. According to Game, it should reduce vertical recoil.

In practice, the effect is exactly different: with muzzle brake the vertical recoil is a whole piece greater than without attachment.

Just as weird is the magazine extension. Actually, this should increase the capacity of 30 to 50, but in practice you have only 39 balls per magazine.

User Loki cosmos has made similar experiences with the VCR sniper rifle:

With standard magazine, the VCR comes to 15 shots per magazine. With melee magazine, which offers even a munition drum, you come to 30 shots per magazine. According to description, it has increased ammunition capacity. Strangely, the regular melee magazine offers 48 shot, although the description reduced ammunition capacity indicates.

It looks like the runs. While the extended run should actually reduce the fire rate, it increases the fire rate from 450 to 500. The short run in turn reduces the fire rate of 450 to 400. (via Reddit)

Many descriptions are either wrong, or is bent. What exactly the problem is here is difficult to determine. So far, developers DICE has not been expressed to the problem.

Pay close attention to which essays you equip

What can you do about it? Currently you should test each essay yourself and keep an eye on the impact on the individual values ​​of your weapons.

Just as a fire rate, ammunition capacity and weapon handling is concerned, such an essay can influence the feel of your weapon.

So pay attention that you do not accidentally make your favorite weapon with the wrong attachment worse because the description is not correct. Test them in practice.

For example, solo / coop mode is suitable in all-out warfare in which you can compete with friends or alone against bots.

Here you can test your weapons and essays undisturbed without being disturbed by other players. Has the problem already noticed? Which weapon attachments can you especially recommend?

Unfortunately, it is only one of many problems with which Battlefield 2042 has to fight in the early access version. Players finally found out that even the hatboxes are not right. But that does not seem to disturb.


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