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If you want to carton with the SVT-40 on Call of Duty Vanguard, here is our Loadout and Build of the best accessories. The goal being here to present our best Loadout and explain our choices. Thus, not only will you have an immediate solution to test, but in addition you can adapt it according to your desires, your needs and your style of play.

Note that these Loadouts are designed by Vanguard players, taking into account pro players, streamers as well as data available on Reddit. However, each player is different and that s why we recommend paying attention to the remarks in this guide.

We will update this build and add content if the game is changing depending on the patches.

The best build for SVT-40

The SVT-40 is a high-performance tactical rifle on Call of Duty Vanguard. Indeed, we consider it one of the best snipers weapons currently on Vanguard. The build is clearly intended to transform the precision rifle, to a sniper use. Note that the idea here is to offer a specific build that will use the SVT-40 forces as a precision weapon, to dominate on code cards.

Bezel: PU X3-6 SVT-40 telescope (according to desires) Mouth: Compensator G28 Canon: Kovaleskaya 800 mm BO3 Canon accessory: M1941 handgun Charger: Chargers of 15 cartridges 6.5 mm Type of ammunition: elongated Rear handle: Leather handle

VANGUARD: The OVERPOWERED BAR CLASS SETUP! Better Than STG! (Vanguard Best Setup) Cross: Crown Padding Expertise: Vital Kit: loaded to block

Weapon level for equipment

Our build requires some high levels, but the weapon is very nice to use with little level. However, the strong point of the weapon currently resides in the combo between the cannon (the first to unlock) and the vital expertise, which makes the weapon absolutely incredible to use thanks to a one shoot in the torso and head, like Precision rifles.

Under what circumstances use this build?

Nature, the SVT-40 is a weapon to use on the majority of game cards but mainly on large cards. Indeed, this weapon is to be considered as a sniper weapon, preferring the precision to medium and long distance. Thus, our build promotes a fairly passive gameplay, where you will take the scope time, even if the firing rate is much higher than a sniper. From then on, it is better to play on big cards, with long corridors and open areas.

What changes are possible?

As long as the weapon is not patched, do not touch the combo of vital expertise and Kovaleskaya 800 mm Bo3 cannon since all this loadout is based on this duo.

For the rest, several modifications can be made according to your desires and your style of play. As for the bezel, we consider that the SVT-40 is a precision weapon, as soon as a zoom is fundamental to aim. Depending on your desires but the PU X3-6 SVT-40 is very versatile in our eyes.

For the rear handle, several options are viable here. We opted for the leather version for a little more sighting speed but other choices that increase precision or reduce the decline are also playable.

So much for our guide to the best accessories, Build and Loadout for the SVT-40 on Call of Vanguard. You can find all our guides as well as all the news, Leaks and Patches for Cod on our Call of Duty portal.


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