Blade & Soul Revolution will become a global Merge

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Top 13 Best Graphics Mobile MMORPGs Of 2021! On November 16, a great Global Merge in Blade & Soul Revolution was planned. What does it mean? ANO only that on this day Asian servers will be combined with an English-speaking version of the game (i.e. version for Europe and North America). All Members of Blade & Soul Revolution will play in one place. Unfortunately, this will not occur automatically. To preserve your characters and progress, you must manually link your account. Details here. On the same day, November 16, we will also get a great addition to the game that will introduce new character classes (Assassin and Warlord), the new region, a further feature string, new Dungeons, Training Ground, Fishing System, Alchemy, Jewels, New legendary equipment and much more. In Blade & Soul Revolution you can play on Android and IOS mobile devices.


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