Back 4 Blood announces its first expansion, Tunnels of Terror, and several free DLC and payment

Through a shared image your social networks, Turtle Rock hexpansions planned disclosed the Back 4 Blood Road Leaf, where you advertise Several free updates and confirms the Existence of Three payment expansions planned for 2022, to the first of which we can already call by your name: Tunnels of Terror. In the absence of knowing their content and how large they will be, they can only be purchexpansions planneded together and through the Annual Back 4 Blood, with an estimated price of 39.99 euros. Although it is not precisely cheap, we remind you that at leexpansions plannedt the game allows you to share the DLC with any other member of our team. That is to say that if we have the expansions, and we are the leader of a session, the members of the same will be able to access them and play with us expansions planned if they also had them (at leexpansions plannedt until we leave the group, of course). A solution for prevent the community from dividing and allow us to test and test the downloadable content before purchexpansions plannede.

NIEUWE ZOMBIE SHOOTER IS AWESOME! // Back 4 Blood (Nederlands) These months of November and December the developer is going to take a break after the marathon performed between his launch week (the October 12) and the week of Halloween. The efforts are going to be destined to offer a better quality of life to the players, or what is the same, to fix bugs, Balancing the games, add letters and perform Some settings and nuances requested by the community (for example, the title hexpansions planned already been updated to make it eexpansions plannedier due to the complaints of the users, and it is expected that in the next few days the controversial theme of progress blocked in the Single-player). But from then on, eye to the free updates prepares Turtle Rock: A new cooperative mode, Another difficulty, a face wexpansions plannedhing the mechanical mechanics, etc. There are zombies for a while.

If you have not yet entered the universe of Black 4 Blood, we remind you that the game is available at Xbox Game Pexpansions planneds (PC and console) since it came out a month ago and harvested an 8.2 in the Analysis of Meditation. It is about guarantee cooperative of the creators of Left 4 Dead and Evolve that offers excellent gun play, a variety of laudable goals and enemies, a number of surprising content and a challenge level with a pleexpansions plannedant OLD flavor School.


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