Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to get a cutting board

Animal Crossing always brings you new things. There are certain creatures that can only be captured at certain times and you will have to build your heart to do everything. So you can make varied furniture, here you have everything you need to know How to get the animal cutting board Crossing New Horizons.

Not only will you want the cutting board to be able to display it in your home, but it is also an essential part of Ironwood cuisine, which will also want to create.

As is the case with everything in the game, you will need to get the DIY recipes for each part to elaborate them.

How to get a cutting board at Animal Crossing New Horizons

Unfortunately, there is no specific way to get the cutting board. Like other items that can be created, this is a full opportunity to discover how and when you will get it.

You can find the DIY recipe for the cutting board of messages in bottles that are washed on the beach, gifts riding with the Honda or as gifts from other people on your island.

You just need to continue playing and doing all the tasks you should do daily and, hopefully, you will eventually find it. You can also get the recipe for other players who could have a spare one or a villager on his island.

Also, for you to be ready to receive the recipe, we have the exact manufacturing requirements for you. It is not substantial at all, you only need two hardwoods and an iron nugget. Just hold up and you ll be ready to create the cutting board once you can.

Time needed: 1 day.

In summary, get the cutting board at Animal Crossing New Horizons

Talk to your neighbors, look for a message in a bottle and eliminate the gifts whenever you can.

Once you have the DIY recipe, collect two hard woods and an iron nugget, then make.

That s all you need to know How to get the cutting board at Animal Crossing New Horizons. To get more tips and tricks about the game, be sure to check our wiki guide or search Animal Crossing.

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