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Brace Yourselves: Craig Mazin Promises An Emotionally-Charged Joel Moment In The Last Of Us Show

Main attributed the moment to Pascal's acting chops, praising the lead for turning Joel into among television's most popular characters. As if The Last of the United States hasn't currently made us all cry enough, there's at least one upcoming minute involving Pedro Pascal's Joel that is sure to stomp all over our hearts. The most recent remarks come from The last of us showrunner Craig Main, who says there's at least one approaching moment that makes sure to hit us right in our feels. I don't believe we're going to reverse at length like that, however Joel's past is what notifies his future, Main said of potential flashbacks in a brand-new chat with Line. There's a particular moment I'm thinking of that likewise simply [hits] me so hard. Pedro Pascal's portrayal of joel has a lot of soul and humankind to it, and vulnerability, particularly when Joel is alone, the writer included. You know? He needs to be a difficult guy around every

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