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PlayStation may have accidentally confirmed compatibility with previous versions of PS3 in PS5

It is possible that PlayStation, or, more specifically, PSN, has confirmed that compatibility with previous versions of PS3 will reach PS5. And, of course, if compatibility with previous versions of PS3 reaches PS5, compatibility with previous versions of PS2 and PS1 could also arrive. Earlier this week, we transmit the news of an updated PlayStation patent that suggested all this. Now, there seems to be more evidence, and again comes the path of the PlayStation itself. On Twitter, Jordan Middle transmits the news that the prices of PS3 Dead or Alive games are appearing at the PS5 PlayStation Store. Normally, they do not do this, and they should not do it, because they are not available to buy. However, they are. Now, this could be a mistake, but if it is an error, it arrives at an inopportune time for Sony given all speculation about compatibility with previous versions of PS3, PS2 and PS1 in PS5 that currently exist. This is also happening the same week when PlayStation began ale

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