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Smash Up: Excellent Movies, Dudes! - A New Expansion Celebrating 1980s Movies

In Smash Up, players will take two decks of cards, each standing for a different faction, and also smash them together to produce a solitary deck. Each deck mix creates different synergies as well as combinations, so it depends on the gamers ahead up with a winning strategy. Many intrigues are tributes to different preferred motion pictures or television shows, with parodies of whatever from Power Rangers to Alien. In the last few years, Smash Up has actually also released 2 formally licensed collections, including Marvel and Disney characters to the game. In total, there are over 100 various Smash Up intrigues can make use of in the game, with a total amount of 4,950 different prospective decks mixes. A brand-new Smash Up growth celebrates movies from the 1980s. AEG recently revealed Smash Up: Excellent Motion Pictures, Dudes!, a new development for Smash Up that adds four brand-new factions and a selection of cards motivated by 1980s movies. The cover art showcases tributes to Ghost

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