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All changes of characters in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is officially available for consoles and PCs, and is emerging as a quite fun experience so far, even with all server problems that afflict it. If you are looking for a complete list of Changes of characters implemented in Overwatch 2 We also have it covered in that front. Tank damage Support for Health changes Phase effect changes doom fist DVA Oriya Reinhardt Pork on Way Sigma Winston Wrecking ball Zara Ashe Bastion Cassidy Eco Heinz Scrap May Senator to dwell Dark All character class changes in overwatch 2 The biggest specific changes in overwatch 2 It is a fairly complete list, so take some snacks while reading. All character class changes in overwatch 2 In the first place, some general changes in all areas are being applied to all the characters Tank, DPS and Support, which we list below: Tank 30% coup resistance 30 % less definitive generation for the damage received and the healing received damage 10% faster movement speed Support for Re genera 15 He

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